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Working with Media for Advanced and Tempted
01.04.2014 ZdravenMediator.net - Marina Krivonozova
On the 27th and the 28th of March, 2014 in Sofia was held a training called "Working with media for advanced and tempted “ within the framework of Roma MATRIX project, implemented by the National Network of Health Mediators and funded by the program "Fundamental Rights and Citizenship " of the European Union.
Meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Health, National Council on Ethnic and Integration Issues, Commission for Protection against Discrimination and Regional Health Inspectorate-Sofia district
20.03.2014 ZdravenMediator.net - Marina Krivonozova
On March 14, 2014 National Network of Health mediators presented to key institutions Roma MATRIX interim project results. The project aims to combat racism, intolerance and xenophobia in ten European countries.

Ethnic Minorities Health Problems Foundation announced the launch of a new project - "Improving Access to Health Care for Vulnerable Groups and Communities through Advocacy and Promoting Sustainable Practices at the Local Level", funded by program to support NGO in Bulgaria within the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014. The project started in January 2014 and will be implemented in three target areas (for shortlisting are Sofia region, Montana and Yambol).

21 New Health Mediators Trained in 2014
10.03.2014 ZdravenMediator.net - Vanya Abadzhieva
Graduation ceremony for 21 newly trained Health mediators took place on 10 March 2014 in Medical University - Sofia. The training was organised by Faculty of Public Health (Medical University-Sofia) and National Network of Health Mediators within the project “Together for Better Health” with financial support of healtcare company GlaxoSmithKline.
“Let’s Talk About Protection“ - National Network of Health Mediators in partnership with European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and World Health Communication Associates (WHCA)
05.03.2014 ZdravenMediator.net - Ivanka Abadzhieva
The project “Let’s Talk About Protection” aims to facilitate communication between healthcare providers (GPs, physicians, nurses, Health mediators) and parents onvaccine-preventable diseases. In 2012-2013 in Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic and Hungary were transtlated and culturally-adapted Childhood Vaccination Communication Action Guide and Handbook/Flipbook. They provide extensive information about vaccine-preventable diseases, benefits of immunization, answers for frequently asked questions by parents about vaccination and other useful information.
National Network of Health Mediators Became a Member of the National Network for Childen
19.01.2014 ZdravenMediator.net - Vanya Abadzhieva
In the beginning of December 2013 Association “National Network of Health Mediators” was accepted as a member of the National Network for Children. This is a free alliance of over a hundred NGOs working in field of education, health care, social services and other with main objective - advocacy for children`s rights and their wellfare in Bulgaria.
Right after that NNHM was invited to take a part in “Conference of the Future”, held on 16 and 17 January in Kazanluk (Bulgaria) involving organisations wich are members of National Network for Children. Tha aim of the Conference was developing strategic plan including vision, goals and activities of NNC for 2014-2020.

VII National Meeting “Initiative for Health and Vaccination”
11.10.2013 ZdravenMediator.net
On 27th September 2013 in Granite hall of the Council of Ministers the VII National Meeting “Initiative for Health and Vaccination” took place. The project is implemented by the National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Integration Issues at the Council of Ministers together with the Health Commission at the Parliament and the Ministry of Health. Initiative partners are the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Association “National Network of Health Mediators” (NNHM), National Association of General Practitioners in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Association for Vaccination, patient organizations, with the support of GlaxoSmithKline.
Bridging the gap: health mediators help reach Roma
30.07.2013 ZdravenMediator.net
Health mediators in Bulgaria are working to improve vaccination rates among Roma groups by talking with parents and even bringing some children to the GP for immunisations. However, overcoming cultural and health system barriers is essential if immunisation goals are to be reached.
Diliana Dilkova of the National Network of the Health Mediators in Bulgaria told Vaccines Today that health mediators are a trusted source of health information and key players in a tailored immunisation campaigns designed for Roma populations.
The need could hardly be greater. Vaccination rates are typically lower among Roma groups, putting them on the frontline of the 2010 measles outbreak in Bulgaria and the ongoing rubella epidemic in Romania. Both diseases can lead to serious complications, especially where access to health services is weak.

Meeting with the Belgian intercultural mediators
30.09.2012 zdravenmediator.net - Диляна Дилкова
Within Integro Association’s project “Platform for generating approaches and
methods for the integration of Roma population on a regional level”, three
experts– Liliya Makaveeva (Integro Association), Prof. Ilona Tomova (Bulgarian
Academy of Science), and Prof. Ivaylo Tarnev, are investigating working models,
approaches and practices in the sphere of integration of minorities in three
municipalities – Gent, Belgium; Ostrava, Czech Republic; Kavarna, Bulgaria. The
goal is to research the specific approaches in different communities and groups
and how a real participation of the ethnic minorities in the decision-making
processes on a regional level is guaranteed.

Fifth National Meeting 'Initiative for Health and Vaccinations "
26.04.2012 ZdravenMediator.net - Kalin Dikov
On 23 and 24 April was held the Fifth National Meeting 'Initiative for Health and Vaccinations "with representatives from all RZI in the country, all workers and newly trained mediators. The project is implemented by the National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and integration issues to the Council of Ministers, together with the Health Care Committee at the 41st National Assembly of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Health within the European Immunization Week.
Partners of the initiative are the National Network of Health Mediators in Bulgaria, the National Association of General Practitioners in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Red Cross, the Bulgarian Association of Innovative Medicine, Bulgarian Association of Vaccinations, with support from GlaxoSmithKline and MSD.
Network engaged in 3-year Iinternational project - 15 new health mediators started working
20.04.2012 ZdravenMediator.net
Between 17 to 19 April 2012 in Bratislava held the first international workshop on 3-year project "Initiative for Health and Vaccinations", which in Bulgaria is carried out by the National Network of Health Mediators. The participating NGOs from three countries - Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. Funding is provided under the program of GlaxoSmithKline Community Partnership "Improving the health status of Roma communities in Central and Eastern Europe."

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